How Astra Worked Herself Into A Shoot
Radio broadcast and performance

Broadcast on RTM as part of Art Licks Weekend 2019. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and Overcast.

Part of the lecture series Model and Countermodel for @New Genres* at Huckletree, London, 2019.

The Space Raiders crisp packet coming to life — Astra and her model for a "situated practice" and its three core tenets; “The Otaku", "Welfare Woes" and "The Colour Hollywood”. Delivered via diversions into kayfabe, the Last Action Hero, Eastern-European Depeche Mode fandom, the Predator, a haunted bus stop on Old Kent Road, GTA V and a fanaticism for the Job Centre. From beige British sitcoms to the colour of Hollywood. Feet firmly planted in black and white all the whilst reaching for colour.

Originally performed as part of *New Genres, a research group at the RCA led by Joshua Trees. Features narration by Sarah McNab and two tracks by Koo-Chulu, all used with permission.

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