Roving Image Dump
New Gallery, London
Part of the exhibition Movies (co-curated with Ben Clarke)


"What is the origin of the word Movie?"

suresh-padmaraj — As the cities became crowded, they started moving to the suburbs to shoot films. This caused great hindrance to the peaceful suburban neighborhoods and they began hating these people who move to make films. They were infamously referred to as a "Movie". People who move = Movie and that's how we get the term. The locals hated the filmmakers so much that they refused to give their houses on rent. They used to put up boards in front of their houses that said "no house for Movies"

jonlogophile — With a high degree of probability, "Movie" originated as an abbreviation of "moving picture." "Movie" is a slang term, which means it circulated under the radar for a while before it finally got noticed. As such, we can't quite date it or determine who first coined it.

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