Dave Day / Universal Credit Otaku Book Launch
@A.M. / All Hallows' Church (formally Blackwing Studios), London

Hosted on Dave Day (Depeche Mode lead singer Dave Gahan's birthday), Universal Credit Otaku launched at the former Blackwing Studios where the Basildon-based band had recorded their debut album over 35 years ago. A celebration of not just DM and their music, but of a lost socioeconomic framework that Basildon once represented. Echos reverberating in both the music and the bricks. The launch featured illustrations by Lebanese artist and DM fan Jo Baaklini. More info on the book can be found here.

“Most of us were working class kids that worked really hard for everything we had in life. It felt like the USSR government didn’t care about ordinary people, but Depeche Mode had a voice and represented themselves in music. We heard these guys dressed strangely in leather and creating sounds with sledgehammers and old pipes, and that was so authentic and so real to kids living in industrial areas who didn’t have much apart from each other.” — Interview with a Russian DM fan [Wynarczyk, N. Tracing Eastern Europe’s Obsession With Depeche Mode, 2017]

Thank you to everyone that came.

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