Universal Credit Otaku
B/W perfect-bound book, 132 pages, edition of 100. Published by Metafauna.

Can someone become a fan of the welfare state initiative the same way others fanaticise about pop-culture entities like bands, comic books and movie stars? A journey through the urban landscapes of Basildon New Town and Japanese otaku hangouts. From Eastern European Depeche Mode devotees to Judge Dredd’s Mega-City One. From mundanity to aspiration. From love to loss. Written by Chris Michael and illustrated throughout by Jo Baaklini.

Launched on 09/05/2019 as part of Dave Day at All Hallows' Church. Physical edition available to buy from Metafauna and Amazon. Digital edition available through Google and Kindle.

Paperback, 120 x 165mm
132 pages
16 b/w illustrations
May 2019
ISBN: 978-1-9160856-9-5

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