Signing On Signing Off
HD Video, 19 mins
Vinyl money bank, rubber door stop.
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Stuck in Basildon New Town with dreams of becoming a pop star. On the dole being hunted and preyed upon by universal welfare reforms, all the whilst aspirations bubble inside. A tunnel sneaking through the M25, a divide physical, political and economical. A fanaticism for the Job Centre similar to that of Depeche Mode's Eastern European fanbase. A desire to transform. From beige British sitcoms to the colour of Hollywood. A verse constantly trying to reach its chorus.

An assemblage of images and sounds from a weird new world produced, collected and dumped for the RCA WIP show.

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Full video on Vimeo (low bitrate)

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Features a sample from "A Theme For Kjell" by Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintamaki...

...and a sample from "Sister Part 1" by Cliff Martinez

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